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Subscription Calendar View Settings Reset with Update
Overall I love the Windows App but every time it updates it resets the view settings for my subscription calendar within the app. I prefer to only see my subscription calendars in the calendar view but every time it updates it resets all my calendars to 'show'. Is there a setting that I am missing or is this a bug in the updates?
Hey Emily,

Does the issue happen all the time?
Well, I notice it every time I update, which I typically do every time it is offered to me. The last two updates seem to have happened within the last 4-6 weeks so twice in that time
Ok. Noted. The devs will look into it asap.
Wonderful! Many Thanks!! Please also Thank them for all their great work!! I love your app!
Any progress on this request, with the last Windows update I downloaded it not only reset all my synced calendar settings to 'show' it also made all my calendar events show up as reminders (events that do not have set reminders in my google calendar). I try to use reminders very minimally so that I really do take notice of what they are telling me so on top of having to reset my sync calendar settings I also had to deal with excessive reminders.

If there is any uncertainty about what I am struggling with I am happy to send images or interact to help the team understand what I am experiencing.

Thank you!
Hey Emily,

Sorry about that, this is a little hard for us to fix it thoroughly on our end. The devs are still trying to figure out the core reason for the bug. It may take some more time than expected. Sorry for the inconvenience.
no worries! Thanks for the update, it helps to know someone is trying to fix it.
I love this app and LOVE how it meets my needs!
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