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[BUG] Description gets deleted when all sub-tasks are deleted.
Whenever all sub-tasks are deleted, this deletes the description as well. Please get it fixed.
Any update ?
Hey there,

Could you please clarify the device you are using with its version number?

Just now, i tested this case again. The defect is not occurring anymore. Description is still there when i delete all sub-tasks. But it was actually happening when i reported this.

system details - x86_64, Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

Got you. Btw, sorry for not being clear. I was asking about the app version number. Does the issue happen just for the latest update?
I am also having this problem - and it’s happening both on the iPhone app (v5.2.13) and on web (chrome, I can’t check the version right now)
How to check the web version number ?
Ok, sorry for getting you wrong. It's okay not to offer the web version number. We have been aware of it and devs are looking into it.

Does the issue get solved when you switch to other browsers OR sign-in in the incognito mode?
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