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Can't move multiple tasks in the Windows app
Hi there,

I just downloaded the Windows App and I can't move more than one task, not on Windows 10 or Windows 7.
Is this a know Bug or not a feature in the Windows App?
What do you mean by more than 1 task? You mean selecting multiple and moving them all at once? That's not supported, but you should be able to move them one at a time.

You can, however, select multiple items from a list and change all their dates from there if I recall.
Yes, exactly. I mean selecting multiple tasks and moving them all at once.
It's really useful on the web app, which is why I immediately noticed it missing.
The date swapping is possible, but I don't see myself using the windows app if it has less functionality than the web app, especially if this feature is missing and I can just keep a separate browser tab open (edit: or even use a chrome own window single tab shortcut).
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