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Mouse scrolling through a large text item is also scrolling the list
I'm using an up-to-date TickTick Android App on my Android tablet, and I also have a Bluetooth mouse connected on that Android tablet.
I have several items in my TickTick list, that contain large texts. When one such item is selected the content of that item is shown on the right side of the app. Using the scroll wheel on the mouse then allows me to scroll through the text, when the mouse cursor is located in the text field.

However in that situation, also the list of items on the left side is being scrolled, which is unlogical and not expected.

When I move the mouse cursor to be above the list of items in the shown folder, the behaviour of the scroll wheel of the mouse is logical. Then only that list is being scrolled, and the textfield that is still being shown is not being scrolled.

The behaviour that I would expect is:
* Mouse cursor above the list of items and rotating the mouse wheel => Only the list of items in the folder is being scrolled
* Mouse cursor above the content of an item that contains a lot of text and rotating the mouse wheel => Only the contents of the item is being scrolled.

Hey John,

Got you. If possible, could you please provide us a clip so the devs could look into it more clearly.
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