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Sync not working on my android devices..
shows several month old todos and do not update,crashes very often.
I have reinstalled and tried all the usual tips from your FAQ and forum.
Pls help!.
Have the same problem too.
Strange, I am a level 10 user so I have been using it for a while, but this problem is new for me. Have you had the problem for long time or is it new for you also?
Hey guys,

If your tasks won't sync between devices, please reproduce the issue and send a log to us through Settings> Help Center> Send Feedback.

To make sure we know the issue, you need to add detailed issue description: What did you do(create tasks, mark a task as done, or another editing) on which device(Android, iOS, or web) and can't sync to which platform ).

Are these tasks completed or not? Are they from the subscribed third-party calendar or the originally created ones inTickTick?
Could you plz try manually refreshing it, if it still doesn't work, could you plz login to the web, do some interactions in other devices and see if it syncs normally?

May bother you offer us more detailed information, that would be helpful for us to locate the issue.
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