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Keyboard shortcut to move task to List
Hey there, I'd love to have a shortcut to quickly move tasks to another list. What do you think? All that mousing through lists is really annoying.
Hey mat,

Could you please clarify which device are you using? If you are using the Mac or the web app, you can try adding ^ when you create the tasks.
Hi Carol, yes, I am on the Mac / Web. Wow, is that one documented anywhere? For file creation that one comes super-handy, thank you.
I'd love to do that with already created tasks! The right-click menu is nice, but I'd like to do that via Keyboard. Is this possible?
x2 on this!
would be great if there was a list of these shortcuts somewhere. very poor documentation on the mac desktop app
Thanks Carol - is there a way to move an existing task to list, or only when creating new tasks?
Right. Currently only for creating new tasks.
Could really use this feature as well. It works with tags in existing tasks: --> #...
Is this something the team is working on? There are a lot of short keys, but this is one is one of the basic/important ones. To do everything with the mouse is quite tedious and slow
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