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Keyboard shortcut to move task to List
Hey there, I'd love to have a shortcut to quickly move tasks to another list. What do you think? All that mousing through lists is really annoying.
Hey mat,

Could you please clarify which device are you using? If you are using the Mac or the web app, you can try adding ^ when you create the tasks.
Hi Carol, yes, I am on the Mac / Web. Wow, is that one documented anywhere? For file creation that one comes super-handy, thank you.
I'd love to do that with already created tasks! The right-click menu is nice, but I'd like to do that via Keyboard. Is this possible?
x2 on this!
would be great if there was a list of these shortcuts somewhere. very poor documentation on the mac desktop app
Thanks Carol - is there a way to move an existing task to list, or only when creating new tasks?
Right. Currently only for creating new tasks.
Could really use this feature as well. It works with tags in existing tasks: --> #...
Is this something the team is working on? There are a lot of short keys, but this is one is one of the basic/important ones. To do everything with the mouse is quite tedious and slow

This is one of the most critical missing features in the app right now. I mostly need this when doing weekly Inbox Zero routine, and need to go through and plan/move 100+ items in my Inbox to other folders. Using a mouse for everything is really tedious.

I used to use Todoist before, and it was really easy to do this via the # in the task title bar (both during task creation and later). Would be great to allow this feature for already created tasks.
+ 200.001. Works fine with new tasks, works horrible with edit tasks.
Also a shortcut for the day after tomorrow would be nice
Hi guys,

Totally hear you on this - adding your votes to this function.
I've used TickTick for a couple of days now and I just tried to move a task to another list for the first time. I can't believe this functionality doesn't exist! It is absolutely basic in a list app. I'm seriously beginning to doubt my choice of Wunderlist replacement.
I also just started using TickTick and and doubting my choice without a quicker way to move tasks to a list.
+1 on this. Ability to activate the list selector via a keyboard shortcut and then use autocomplete to type a list name is essential. Have just moved to TickTick. Happy with the app in general, but full keyboard access is key.
Moved all my lists from Wunderlist to TickTick. I'm on desktop Windows and Android. I agree about moving the items to another list. Even an "autofill" would be helpful. Doubting my choice also.
Hi, I'm considering moving from Things to TickTick, I'm now trying it with monthly subscription but inability to organize tasks (ie moving them between lists and tagging them) using keyboard is a blocker. I like the additional features like habits tracking, calendar view, durations and other stuff, and there I'm fine with a bit of clicking around but the basic task management must be super-efficient. Thanks for considering this feature.

I totally agree. It's a necessary function. It's very difficult to organize my inbox (and other folders) without it.
I concur!

Also, the ^ symbol, I can't even type it on my keyboard, neither on the QWERTY international layout, nor on the standard German one... A more common symbol would make more sense...

Thanks for all the other good stuff though, I've been using this app quite intensively for a couple of years now! It's a big help for me personally. Gotta work on my ADHD nonetheless though lol.
@Frédéric, you can also make use of ~ in place of ^ for adding tasks to a specific list.
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