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Date Parsing Chooses One Day in Advance
When adding a new task such as "Buy Groceries 3/3/20", a new task is created but 3/2/20 is selected for the date. I cannot find any settings on iOS that would indicate that smart date parsing is set to 1 day in advance. This appears to work the same way on the web.
Hey Mark,

We just released a new iOS version to fix this issue, could you please go update it and see if it has been resolved?

In the web, the devs have been working on to fix it in the next version. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Updated to version 5.2.10 and unfortunately seeing the same results. Screenshots have been added to the shared folder below:

Same problem using 5.7.23
If I want to create a reminder with due date for today I must need to type yesterday.
My iOS is configured in Spanish and using GMT -5
I want to pay for the membership but this bug is annoying :(
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