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Google Calendar Item Sync

Is there a way to make it so a calendar event created in either app can be tied to each other? In other words, when I create an event in Google calendar this will show up in TickTick's calendar, but not tied to any list or item.

I would like to be able to go into the event shown in TickTick's calendar and tie things to a list.

I would like to do this the other way as well, from TickTick's side so that when I schedule a TickTick event it will create a calendar event into Google. I have the link provided in the app entered into google and I have it being displayed, however, it shows no entries that I have scheduled.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and your help in advance!
Hey Jason,

Are you looking for two-way sync between TickTick and Google Calendar? You may refer to the guide and see if it helps you.
That got it working thanks
After playing around some more it looks like that only adds the intial entries...

It won't update changes made after linking the calendar.
Hey Jason.

There might be 12 hours delay for the Google Calendar to sync in TickTick Calendar due to technical constraints. We have been working on it to improve the synchronization efficiency. Thanks.
Is there a way to subscribe to a calendar the same way you can in the browser.

Here is what I see on my browser:

But the widget on my android does not seem to register the google calendars I'm subscribed to:
Are these events registered in your Android apps?
Not that I know of? I didn't have to register in the the browser though, I just subscribed to the calendars for my two Google accounts. Is there an equivalent for the Android app.
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