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Support for Apple's Share or Action?

TickTick doesn't appear to support Apple's Share or Action feature. Is this likely to be addressed in a future update please?

(In Safari I can select then right-click on a URL to add it to TickTick but it adds the URL to the task title, which is odd).

Hey Steve,

Thanks for your feedback. This has been noted, the product team will consider if it is possible to make some improvements.
Thank-you for your quick response. There is so much good about TickTick but, for me, because I spend a lot of time working in Mac support for Apple’s Share and Action features is a fundamental requirement. I hope you are able to add this in the future.
Best wishes
Hope you don’t mind me asking are you planning to add support for Apple’s Share and Action features in your Mac OS app?
Will understand if you prefer to not say.
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