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Empty listings of "new email" appearing in "inbox"
I am finding auto listings titled "New email" appearing every day in my "Inbox". What setting have I turned on and what is this feature so I can consider using it?

I can't locate any mention of this in the FAQs or tutorials.
Hey Bruce,

Not sure if this what you mentioned.
But there is actually no such button to turn on the setting.
Thanks - I have seen that link but it was after the empty email listings started arriving in the Inbox. About 20 per day.
Hey Bruce,

Could you please tell us the mailbox client you are using? If possible, could you send one copy of your email with attachment to, so we could look into it?
Hello Carol, I appreciate your continued assistance.

I use gmail. ( is that what you mean by mailbox client)

I do not have an email to send to you as all of the listings in my TickTick inbox are empty.

About 70 Listings per day are automatically appearing in my inbox titled “new email” they have no content. I only send 5-8 emails per day.

There are now 104 listings titled "New Email" and none have any content
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