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Habit Feedback
I want to start off by saying, thank you guys for your awesome work! My degree was so much easier using your app subscription that I swear by it to all of my fellow colleagues that ask how I stay on top of it all.

For the Habit function: I like the idea to integrate a habit feature, as I use another app for that function (Habitica). However, it would be great if you could allow for a habit to have checklist items in it. I still outsource to the other app for habits, because this "checklist" feature allows me to create a "Morning Routine," "Midday Routine," and "Night Routine," but I'd like for the tasks within them to stay a cluster, and I'd still like to track the statistics on me getting them completed or if I missed a day.

It'd also be cool if we can check off numerical values within the habit, such as if the goal was: read 10 pages a day, but we only read 7. Even if we missed the goal, it'd be nice to enter the value to see that we still put effort into its progress when looking at the statistics overview.

These are just suggestions that I noticed I enjoyed in other Habit apps.

Thanks guys

Thanks for sharing your idea, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation to see if possible to implement it in the future!
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