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Recurring task on Sunday appear On Monday

I have a problem with a couple of tasks.
They are supposed to repeat every Sunday (and they are) but appear on Monday as well, I have to re-set the date every Monday so it annoying.

Further detail to help you :
- I did not set Monday in the recurring task
- I did validate my task on Sunday so it not a remaining task
- Since it’s a Sunday recurring task, it may be useful to note that my first day of the week is set to Monday
- It is both on iOS and Mac version of TickTick

Thanks for helping,
Hey Gregory,

Could you please screenshot us your repetitive task rules?

Could you please send it again? It is shown as "The site can't be reached" on our side.
I've put it on Dropbox
Hey Greg,

Thanks for the info! We have tested it on our side but made no success, this has been noted down and the devs will look into it asap.

Btw, could you please clarify the app version number of two devices? How long does the issue exist?
Mac version Version: 3.2.00 (108)
iPhone version 5.2.02

I don't know how long this issue has been here.

Btw, yesterday I had the same problem with a recurring task on Thursday appearing on Friday.
I have the feeling that may be because of the way you are handling timezone.
In the past 8 months I've changed the timezone frequently and change the time of the task because you change the time of the task according to the timezone I'm in.

Thanks for the updates. Will further look into it asap. Could you please clarify the timezone you are in?
Currently I am in New Zealand but my normal timezone is France
Hey Greg,

Sounds we have already found the key point. Currently, this is how it is designed in TickTick to automatically change the date and time along with the timezone switching.

So sorry for the inconvenience and trouble. The product team has been working on to add a manual timezone switching option in the future version which can avoid the mess. Thanks a lot for your patience.
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