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Tag names do not appear in task list automatically
Hi, the tag names added via "Tag Parsing" do not appear in the task list automatically. Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a tag with whatever name, for example "some-tag".
2. Create a task anywhere, without any tag.
3. Click on the task to open it on the right side, click the title to edit it, then enter a "#" and select "some-tag".
4. You will see the tag applied on the task detail right side. However it will not appear in the task list. It will show up when you click on another task.

This only occurs when using "Tag Parsing" in the tag detail page. It does not affect tags added from the bottom-right menu.
Hey beta,

Could you please clarify the platform you are using so we could look into it asap?
I'm using the macOS client, version 3.1.00 (101).
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