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Bug: many many missing task on windows
Just checked what is coming for next monday on my Custom filters and Calendar (windows app) and there is nothing showing (there should be 6 tasks).

I went into the web app (firefox) and there they are, the 6 tasks appear on both the Custom filtres and Calendar.

some more info:

My filter is set to show task assign to "me" and "not assigned", wich works fine on the web app, it shows both. On windows, the filters and calendars show all the assgined to "me" but just some of the "not assigned" tasks.

If I change the missing "not assigned" tasks to "me", then they appear on the filter and calendar of the windows app.

So what's going on?? If I can't trust the windows software it becames pretty useless...
Hope you can fix it
Hey Pablo,

Could you please elaborate on "they", are you referring to the "missing not assigned tasks " OR all the not assigned tasks?

Btw, in which device did you create the smart customized list?
Hello again.

All the missing tasks are "not assigned" tasks, but some of the "not assigned" task do appear on the windows filters and calendar.

The custom filters were made on my pc on the windows app (I tried the the "Normal" and "Advance" Smart List Task, same result).


Ok, thanks for the clarification. We want to confirm what do you mean by in case we get you wrong. Could you further explain it OR some screenshots would be helpful?
Hello, again.

So I uninstall ticktick from windows and installed it again. After sync things improved... kinda. There is a still a mismatched between windows and web apps. Here is a screenshot.


- On the screenshot windows is on the left and web on the right
- "Focus" filter is used to see what I have to do during the week, coworkers excluded (me being "me" and "not assigned").
- The first two task that appear on windows are for tomorrow (Monday), but it shows them for today (Sunday)
- The “Focus” filter on the web app doesn't show this two task, they are on the correct date.

So now I think I have all tasks both on windows and web, but the dates are screw up on windows. Maybe it is syncing to a different time zone (I’m UTC/GMT -4) ??? Should I uninstall/install a different way???


Could you please check your timezone of the browser? If the timezone between your browser and the system, you may coordinate them to be consistent.
Hello again, so I did the browser setting and no change, uninstall/install also no change. Here are some pics:

Web link:

Windows link:

All of the task are shown on both apps (no missing task!) but windows shows some of them a day early. If I move around a task on the web or windows, it syncs a day early on windows or a day later on the web.

Hey Pablo,

Thanks for the updates! Seemingly these wrongly synced are all the tasks throughout the whole day.

Could you please recall in which device these tasks are created in and also send us your current timezone of the browser AND your PC system.


Here is what I did (the best I recall):

- I created an account and imported my tasks from todoist on the web app
- I install the windows app about a month ago (so no the latest version)
- I only used the windows app till I notice some tasks were missing
- I started this post and switched to the web app (firefox) for a few days
- I uninstall/install the windows app, after sync the early day problem appeared (no missing tasks this time)
- I think (not sure about this) only the tasks I modify on the web are the ones with the switched date on windows (again, not sure, my todoist was a mess this past few weeks, I'm still organizing on ticktic, much better app by the way)

Regarding the time zone, my windows is set "(UTC -4:00) Santiago". Firefox doesn't have a time zone option, but it can be set with an add on (set to -240). I uninstall/reinstall after doing this, same thing happens.


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