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Some tasks being created an hour later than required
I encountered this reproducable problem on the website and android app.

Action: Create a new task using smart date parsing, for 6pm on a day other than today
Expected result: New task is created due 6pm on day X
Actual result: New task is incorrectly created for 7pm on day X

However, similar tasks created on same day at 6pm get created with due time of 6pm.

Do you mean the tasks created via mobile devices go with wrong time generated?
But it is normal on the web app?

Does the issue happen for all the "time" you typed in? Could you please check if you have it updated to the latest version?
Yes, using current version of android app, 5.2, and website

E.g.using website, if I enter a new task now (monday 12 aug) as "foo tue 5pm", a new task is created dated tomorrow, 13 aug, 6pm.

I've tried with specifying various times 8am, 12pm, 8pm and they all result in a new task being created an hour after I specify.

Same behaviour in android app.
Hey there,

Could you please tell us your timezone in your browser and you Android? DST or winter time?
Windows timezone is UTC, with adjustment for daylight saving time set to on. Android timezone is auto set by cell provider, but I think it is set to GMT+1 BST.

Could you please download this fix pack and check if the issue has been resolved?
It works if I create new tasks in the near future (this week) but creating a task today for 5 Nov at 6pm created a task 4 Nov 5pm, i.e. wrong day and time.

Thanks for your update! We have added it to the bug reports and the devs will work on fixing it.
No problem.
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