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Calendar not working on web

The calendar view has stopped working on the website. When moving from a task view to the calendar I see a blank page. I've tried with chrome and edge on Windows 10 and the same happens. But when using the windows app is working fine. I've also cleaned cache and cookies and the problem still happens.

The problematic url is:

I see some js errors on the chrome console:

Also, and I'm not sure if this is related or not, the webcal integration into my google calendar does not update.

This is what I see on windows ticktick app:

All tasks are for today or later.

But if I go to the google calendar where I have the ticktick webcal visible I see this:

There are tasks for yesterday.

I've disconnected and reconnected the webcal with no effect.
Hey there!

We just fixed this issue, could you please try it again?
Hi Carol,

The calendar web view is working now.

I've removed my calendar integration in the settings and created it again. After adding this webcal to my google calendar most tasks (all except one) show in the proper day. I'll check if tomorrow it reflects new updates.

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