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disappointed with 3.2.00 version
I have expected that the most annoying thing on mac app -slow response rate of key press, would be fixed on this version but somehow it still isnt. any outlook when this can be fixed?

and why have you disabled shortcut for setting custom due date (what used to be cmd+d)?

I love ticktick but these 2 things make me crazy.
Hey Michal,

Sorry for the trouble. Could you please be more specific about the issue? Does the slow response exist in the Kanban view? The list view? Task description panel?

Could you please send us a clip or a screenshot?
Agree - slow response to typing is still present in this update. It can be replicated by entering text in a "Add task" box at the top of a list - such a lag when typing. Incredibly frustrating.
The culprit seems to be "Smart Date Parsing" – at least it was for me. Try going to Preferences > General. Then disable "Smart Date Parsing" and see if you're still getting lag when inputting text in the Add Task box at the top of a list.

It sucks that I have to disable a feature to get the core functionality of the app to not be laggy. I too was hoping that 3.2.00 would solve this problem.
@Carol, it would take you less time to try to replicate it yourself than writing this reply. not mentioning I am not the only one who raised this issue.
and what about my 2nd issue about shortcut?

@Lou, thanks for your suggestion, it helped. but like you said, this isnt fixing the issue, it's only a workaround
I've been using TickTick for roughly one day and already noticed this! Aside from general lagginess of that input box, I've found that in particular if I type a tilde (~) anywhere there things slow to an absolute crawl.
I too miss the cmd-d to set the custom date, please bring that back.
@Michal, we have tested it before on our end, but it works normally. So we may need more information and detail from your side.

CMD-D has been canceled due to simplifying the functionality. Will consider bringing that back if this is on high demand.
do you need more information that what was mentioned here? Like Lou mentioned, it happens with smart date parsing on and happens everywhere as soon as task has more characters that can fit on one line
@Carol Here's an example of the slowdown:
Hey there!

Thanks so much for the valuable info. Have passed it to the devs and they will look into it.
Yea I'm pretty disappointed to see a shiny brand new UI yet issues like the above have gone ignored. The post about the typing lag was created in APRIL - 4 months to fix it, but you prioritise a new UI over that.

If you can't sort your priorities out you'll end up driving customers to other products..
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