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Subscribed calendar refresh rate
Hi there, subscribed calendar on Windows platform is out of date compared to any other platform for example Web.

The web platform is correctly showing my appointments but the windows one is out of date, has meetings that were canceled and 1 that doesnt even exist in my calendar.

How can i force a refresh on the windows platform?
Hey Aram,

Could you please try to log out and in on your Windows app and check if in date then?
Hi there, I have already done this for several times
Hi Carol, this is weird

I am now missing 1 or 2 items from the calendar whereas this morning I had too many. I think the issue might be when the calendar entry is created in another timezone, the Windows app doesnt display the correct time, i.e. display the task as it is in my calendar, it displays the task is it is in the time zone it was created it. would help if i was able to send screenshots
Hey Aram,

Could you please send us the screenshots with this issue attached via
Thanks, will do!
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