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Synchronization problems
Good afternoon.
I use your service on my smartphone with ios and on my computer with google chrome. I have some problems with synchronization. For example, I have created a list on my smartphone but not on my browser. The list was created more than two weeks ago.
Help me.

I attach screenshots: on ios на web

My account mail is

Translated with
Another problem with date synchronization

Date of task execution in the web version is August 5. Here is the screen

Date of the same task execution on the smartphone is August 6, here is the screen
Hey there,

1) Could you please log out and in again on your browser version and check if the list is synced?
2) Could you plz tell in which device did you create the task and set the time? In the list view or the calendar view?

Could you plz tell us the timezone settings of your phone and your browser?
Thank you for your answer
1. Tried it, it didn't help.
2. I have created a task on my Iphone, the view mode is the list
3. the time zone settings on both your smartphone and computer are the same
Hey there,

Thanks for the info. 3) Are you traveling somewhere in a timezone different from the place where tasks were created? Is this date issue just happening for this task OR for all tasks? All are one day difference?
Time zone one. Sometimes there are similar situations with desynchronization. Basically, I create tasks and lists on the iPhone and they are not partially synchronized with my pc.
Okay, thanks for the update. Have noted them down and the devs will look into it asap.
Same, have problems with the time when syncing between Web and Android. Shows 20:00 on my Web but it's 04:00 on my phone.
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