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Bug > Task preview window not changing
Hi. Have a problem with Windows version Every 5-10 minutes of use. When I click between tasks the task preview window does not change (it freezes on a empty task preview).

Task preview window = the sub-screen on the right with the task info (task title, checklist, notes, comments etc).

Thanks, Mark
Hey Mark,

Could you please take us a clip OR screenshots?
How do you add a screenshot to this feedback system? I can't paste directly in the comments box.
Ignore the last comment. See screenshot here:
The bug occurs about every 10 minutes or so. The pane on the right (where Task A with Sub-task A1-A3 is listed) freezes effectively. So when I click on Task B ..... Task B and sub-task B1-B3 do not appear. The pane remains with Task A and sub-task A1-A3 (but Task B has been selected). Make sense?

I have to close down the app and restart .... which is annoying to do every 10 minutes.
It's happening more frequently now .... every couple of minutes. Becoming a real problem and will stop me using the software.

I've tried all the obvious things .... deleting and reinstalling, removing cookies, cache etc.

Hopefully you can find a quick fix. Thanks.
Hey Mark,

So sorry for the trouble! Have passed this issue to the devs and they will look into it asap.
Ok. Thanks. I've noticed it only seems to happen when using an extended screen (second monitor).

Thanks for the update, will add it to the record.
Has there been any progress with this bug? Still happening and Ive bee downloading all the latest titck versions (now on Still only happens when using an external monitor. Not an issue with my setup because all other software works fine on ex mon.
Its more frequent again now. Every 10 mins I have to shut down / restart ticktick ... very annoying! Note it happens on both my laptop and external monitor screens now ... but doesn't happen when using laptop only.
I'm a paying customer ... why is this bug been ignored?!
Sorry for the late response. Currently, the app is not well configured when linking with an external monitor. The devs have some trouble fixing it technically, we are still looking into it now.

Sorry again for the trouble.
Any progress with this problem? Still occuring when using a external monitor. Definitely external monitor is the issue because I've been using laptop only for last 2 weeks and no problems ... and yes - I have the latest version downloaded.
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