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Add task via voice input
Hi I am unable to add a task via voice input on iOS. The application keeps saying “sorry failed to add task” even before I can say anything.
same here
Hey guys,

We have been aware of the issue. Could you plz tell us which voice input language is set the in the application (if there is a problem, manually try to change it), and could you tell us what is the system language and system location setting respectively?
Language is set to "English" in the settings (Settings > General > Language). Changing it to System Default doesn't help either.
I have this issue. Used to work fine til a couple of months ago.
Urgently looking forward to a resolution!
Language is English UK. Location is UK. System is iOS 12 on iPhone 6s.
Same problem. Location Russia, language Russian (English US input does not work too). iPhone 6s iOS 12.4 (16G77).
Latest version 5.2.02

I installed TickTick several days ago first time and inspired by the function, but voice input broken. I hope you will resolve this problem soon!
Same problem. I've tried "System default" and "English" for language. Everytime I get, "Failed to add task. Sorry, I didn't hear what you said."
iOS 12.4
iPhone 7
version 5.2.02
I have the same problem on my iPad Pro(12.9inch). iOS 12.3.1
System Language English
Region United States
I am also having this issue on my iPad (2018) 9.7 in iOS 12.2
Hey guys,

Sorry for waiting for such a long time. We have got it fixed in this version. Could you please have a try and see if the issue has been resolved?
Hi I am also having this issue, in addition to having to unlock my phone to add a task via siri (I recently replied on a year-old forum post to see if we could get an update on that as well considering no one had answered). As for what you asked of us: System language is set to system default (also tried English and it didn't help), under the Task quick add/siri settings of General, I have changed the voice input language to English (US) but it keeps resetting itself to be English (UAE). I am located in US and am native US english speaker. I have an iphone 6 version 12.1.2

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