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Show in Calendar Only Not Working
I recently added a new calendar to my Google account. I went into TickTick settings on my Mac and on my PC and chose the option to show in calendar only. However, it shows back up on my task list after I exit out of TickTick and go back in. All of my other calendars are showing in the calendar only and do not have this problem. A fix for this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Hey Scott,

Sort of confused about it, could you please be more specific? In which interface and do you mean Google Calendar?
Events from my new Google calendar are showing up on my task list in TickTick. I don't want events from this calendar to show up on my task list. I went into settings and chose the "show in calendar only" option. However, it is still showing up on my task list in TickTick.
Hey Scott,

Could you please go into settings and check if the "Show in Calendar" option is erased?
The option is there and I've chosen it, but it still shows up in the calendar. However, it does not seem to be doing it anymore, even though I didn't change anything since several days ago when I first reached out to you.
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