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Can't display Tick Tick website on MS Edge
Since my latest renewal, I can no longer sign in using MS Edge Browser on my desktop PC. The Tick Tick website will not display and I keep getting the familiar 504 Timeout error. All my other website tabs on MS Edge function normally. I have cleared cache and cookies but I still can no longer get the website to load. Everything is fine on Google Chrome so I can get to my Tick Tick account, but this doesn't resolve the MS Edge browser problem. Everything is also fine using my iPad and iPhone. So it is just a MS Edge issue as far as I can see.
Hey there,

Have noted it down and the devs will look into it. Does it happen just recently?
Hi Carol, Yes, it is recent. Strangely enough not long after I did my annual renewal on 31 July. Works perfectly on Google, but once more today nothing happens at all on MS Edge. Although the last couple of days it does NOT give the 504 timeout, it now just doesn't do anything. I key the website address as normal, the tab tries to find then just gives up and stops. Very strange!

Could you please right-click > Inspect > Console and check if there pops up an error message and screenshot it to us?
Back to 504 Timeout today. I am not sure exactly what you wish me to right click on? I am quite computer literate, but I can't see what you mean. This is really weird! Every other website in the world seems to work OK on MS Edge. If you can clarify exactly where you want me to right click I will try to get you whatever error message you require. I presume I can screenshot and then Ctrl +V within a message to provide you with that screenshot?
Hey there,

Sorry for not being clear. Could you please right-click the mouse > Inspect > Network and send us the screenshot with this forum link via
I can see how I can do this from where I am today, using Google Chrome. However, when I get the 504 Timeout message on MS Edge, all I'm getting on Right Click on that web page is the options of "Select All, Print or Read Aloud", so I can't provide you with any screenshot as there is none to send. Back to you.
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