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Problems with Web version

I am not sure, whats going wrong, but for me on Chrome AND Firefox the calendar view isn't working anymore... When I click on calendar, the URL is: and it only shows a blank page (white). When I reload the page the ticktick logo is shown with dots flashing from left to right forever... Worked some weeks ago. I am running Ubuntu Linux 18.04 with latest updates to Chrome and Firefox

What do I wrong ?

Hey Christian,

Could you please log in the incognito mode? If it still doesn't work, could you please right-click the mouse > Inspect > Console and send us the screenshots with the forum link via
Hey Carol,

Tried incognito mode, but nothing changed :-( Have sent a screenshot to support. Thanks for your help !
Everything ok now after great support from TickTick Team :-) !!!
Thanks for the update!
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