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Bug: Sub-tasks erroneously send "time due" notifications
Sub-task notifications are being triggered on all platforms when none have been requested--simply as a function of assigning them to a day (but specifically NOT assigning a time to the tasks). Sub-tasks that are not assigned to a day do not trigger notifications. This is different than the behavior of normal (i.e. non-sub) tasks assigned to a date, which only trigger a notification if a specific due time has been set and a reminder explicitly requested. To constantly get reminders on sub-tasks when no time has been set, and no reminder specifically requested, is an UNWELCOME ANNOYANCE from the tool. As it is now, for example, if I have a sub-task set for being due today with NO TIME set with the deadline, I still get notifications to complete the task that morning at 9 am.
I also had this problem and reported it as a bug but it seems to have been fixed in the last update - have you updated to the most recent version?
I believe I am updated to latest versions everywhere, but will check again. It was happening as recently as yesterday, August 2, 2019. Annie, when did this last update occur that you are referring to?
The iOS update from 4 days ago. Since then I’ve stopped getting the 9am alerts on my iPhone, I haven’t tried on other platforms as I only have alerts on my phone.

Hopefully you can get the update and it helps.
Sorry, the problem isn’t fixed after all - TickTick when are you going to sort this it’s so annoying
Hey, can someone take a look at this, is this a bug? or a "feature"?
Is valid for all platforms but on Android you can even see that a reminder is set for 9 am even though you just picked a due date without setting the time/reminder.
How to replicate:
On android, set the due date of a subtask for tomorrow > select "Tomorrow", from the pop up options select "Pick a Date" and then you will see that the reminder clock shows "No Time" however underneath it says "Remind at 09:00 on Oct 26, 2019"

You can now change the time, but if you don't add one it still defaults to 9am. Apparently it's deliberate.

This is one of several crappy things that mean I'm probably moving to Todoist.
Annie, I wanted to move to Todoist too, mostly because they support nested tasks, markdown and sections, but the latest update (Foundation) is buggy, check their reddit and you will see, some people complained that some of their data was lost after the update.
I like to separate my work, I use TickTick for personal stuff and for projects/work, it's free has uncluttered design and supports nested tasks, markdown and much more.
I hate nested tasks and the way Todoist doesn't have proper subtasks even now, or proper calendar sync, so will probably stick with TickTick, but I am going a bit mad with all the different bugs and problems.

I couldn't get to grips with Quire at all!
Tick-Tick, PLEASE fix this obnoxious "feature"! It now seems to be giving me notifications at 6 PM (also? or instead? I am not sure)...
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