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Subscription not reflecting
Hi, I joined the monthly subscription but after successful payment in iTunes, the app is not reflecting my account as premium. Or does my premium account will reflect after some time?
Same on Android. Subscriptions sucessfully paid (with receipt) on August 1st, but today ticktick claims I have no premium
Same with me on IOS. Have paid 3 days ago, and still no changes in status. Maybe they are dead already?
Hey guys,

Could you please go to the premium page in TickTick, scroll down to the bottom and tap the "restore" button, check if it is activated? Let us know if the issue persists with your email address registered for the account.
I'm experiencing the same problem here through iTunes. Payment went through but account isn't updating to premium. Tried restoring in the premium page, didn't work. Very frustrating.
@ JJ,

We have been aware of the subscription issue through iTunes, could you please send us your email address associated with your account and your transaction page screenshot to us via We will check it for you ASAP.
Clicking the restore at the bottom of the premium page fixed it for me, thank you!
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