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Can't sign in with Google
The sign in with Google option has been working on all of my devices except for my Windows desktop. It looks like it goes through all the motions, I even get the notification in my Google app on my phone to authorize the request but when I hit "Yes" the Windows app doesn't ever leave the page that says it's waiting for me to confirm on my phone.
Hey Niko,

We have been aware of this issue, the devs will look into it asap. Could you please use the web app for temporary?
Thanks for the quick response, it's a little frustrating but the sign in has been working on all of my mobile devices so the Windows app isn't a top priority for me. Using the web app will be fine for now while I'm on my desktop.

I have almost the same problem with the signing in with Google in the Windows app.
On the page, where Google asks for permission to allow TickTick to have offline access, after clicking "Deny" or "Allow" a blank page with error report appears: "Can not open this page. Please esure that the address http://localhost is correct.
I've tried to change the options in the "Proxy settings" from "No proxy" to "HTTP" or "Browser settings". No effort, the same error.
Can you advise please?
Hey there,

Could you please get it updated to the latest version?
I have already the latest release. Still can't sign in
Hey there,

Could you please download the fix version and see if it works.
Hi, Carol,

I've installed the fix version. The problem still there. If I try to sign in with Google and click "Allow", a blank page appears with the offer to check the localhost address. If I try to sign in with email&password, the error message appears: Sign in Failed. No network connection. Please check the network configuration or proxy settings"
If I try to sign in with my google account it says my browser does not support javascript however I use the chrome browser and I checked the settings and Javascript is allowed. So I can't use the windows programme only the web version. How do I fix that?
Hey Carmelita,

Could you please try reproducing the issue and send us some screenshots?
I have the same exact issue on the windows app. I tried to login using my Gmail account but I get an error that it couldn't sign me in.

A solution I found was to go to the web version and add a password, and then use the gmail email and the created password to login which was successful.

However when I tried to sync my google calendar to the windows app, same thing happens since it asks you to login to your gmail account.
Same kind of problem here. When signing in on the Windows client with my Google account I get the message I'm trying to sign in with a browser that is not secure.
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