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Pomodoro finish ringtone is too soft when playing background music
I'm using the 5.2.0 TickTick app on my Android phone.
Within the TickTick app on my phone I'm using the Pomodoro timer, and I also play background music on my headphones when I'm working in the Pomodoro.
However the pomodoro finish ringtone is too soft compared to the media playing. It happens often that I didn't hear the pomodoro finish ringtone within the playing music.

Is there a way to make the pomodoro finish ringtone more distinctive and outstanding?
Some suggestions:
* Use the notification sound level for the ringtone.
* Mark the end of the pomodoro as an android Notification (so I will also receive it on my smartwatch??)
* Temporarily stop the music/media playing while the pomodoro finish ringtone is being played
* Vibrate at the end of the pomodoro?

Hey John,

Thanks for reaching out and your candid feedback.
Have noted them down and the product team will do further evaluation.
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