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1st sync every morning takes a while
Every morning when I turn on my computer at work there is an exclamation mark over the circular sync icon and the tasks are not automatically synced to windows until I press the sync button in the windows client. It usually then will update the today task list after waiting a bit but the today task count in the left bar doesn't update for another couple of minutes. usually switching between folders or pressing the sync button helps a bit. I have to do this every morning. Some additional info:

I'm using a proxy but this shouldn't be an issue. I assume that because I don't shut the computer down, it tries to sync when I'm home as it connects to my home wifi but can't go through the proxy from home (its a local work proxy). This may cause the exclamation point over the sync button but shouldn't cause such a delay in getting synced when I am back at work in the morning.

Expectations - I would expect that when I open my laptop and am reconnected to the work wifi network it should automatically resync and should be seamless.
Hey Troy,

Thanks for reporting it. Currently automatically resyncing is still not so perfect in TickTick, we have noted your request down and try to make it more seamless and convenient in the future.
sync for Win app doesn`t work good.
1) It works with long delay
2) Sometimes it doesn`t synchronize the order of tasks from web and mobile app.

At this moment I obliged to use web at Win desctop.
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