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Global shortcut conflicts

I've had a problem with global shortcuts in TickTick on Mac.

CMD+SHIRT+P was intercepted by TickTick which is used by editors like VS Code or Sublime Text to show a global command menu. Because I didn't have activated Pomo Timer, there was no visual indication that TickTick is intercepting this Shortcut. Took some time to figure out which app was using this shortcut without any reaction.

1. Do not use global shortcuts by default.
2. Disable CMD+SHIFT+P when Pomo Timer is disabled

Hey there,

Thanks for sharing it, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation to see if possible to implement it in the future.

Although this problem is still not fixed...
Hi, I have the same issue. It really annoys me because I don't use pomodoro
This happens for me as well. Pretty annoying. Just started to use TickTick, love it so far. But I had do disable all keyboard shortcuts since the same keyboard shortcuts are used in Visual Studio Code. It didn't allow me to work in VS Code while having the keyboard shortcuts activated in TickTick.

I'm facinig the same issue. I'm usine vscode, the short cut command + shift + P even thought not used by ticktick. But tick tick still intercept this short cut. Please fix this bug!!!!

A temporary solution is to "enable" Pomo in the settings, restart TickTick, and then you can see the shortcut under "Preferences -> Shortcuts", so you can delete it.
Not ideal but at least you don't need to keep the application closed to use the shortcut in VS Code.
Thanks for the workaround and +1 to fixing this.

The conflict was quite frustrating and had to bisect running apps to figure out which one it was.
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