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MIUI 10 Glimpse cannot light up screen on TickTick notification

I like to save battery and more important, get less disturbed ;)
Phone is lying on the table when I am working.
So I use glimpse to light up my screen only on notifications that are important.
This works for instance with Outlook, hangouts, whatsapp and more apps. But not with TickTick.
In the notification log I can see that there are notifications. But as you are the only one managing to make persistent notifications (what I like ;) ) you are maybe doing something different.

I am not sure if TickTick or Glimpse is the app to fix here ?

Using MI 9 phone on MIUI 10
Hey there,

Could you plz go to "Settings" > "Sounds & Notifications" > disable "Stick on Status Bar".
OK, thanks a lot, that fixed it :)
Thanks for the update!
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