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Pomodoro are not counted right

Wanted to ask if it is a bug or I am doing something wrong. I have a task that repeats daily without a specified starting time. I have set "Estimated Pomo" as 4 for this task. I want to make 4 pomos for this task daily. When I want to start executing that task, I go into it's Pomo Timer and press the start button, so that it starts to count the pomos I spent on this task. I have set pomo time to 25min, short break to 5min and long to 15min. Also set auto start for breaks and next pomo session. This way I intend to work on my task during 4 pomos with specified breaks that starts automatically.
I have spent 4 pomos, but under the task there it shows me only 3/4 pomos, when I finished 4 pomodoros. Why isn't it showing 4 out of 4?

Hey there,

Is the focus mode turned on during the use of the Pomo? If so, did you close the app, or is the screen turned off?

If you have turned on Focus mode, it is suggested to turn on the screen at the same time, and do not return TickTick to the background. Also, is there any other software frequently used during the process? If you use other apps very often, the Pomo will be detected as infrequent using by the system, and the background process will be killed which may cause the counting issues.

If not, that could be a bug, then could you plz send us your app version number and we will pass it to the dev team.

thank you for replying. Focus mode is off. During the process I don't use other apps, maybe I can get a call, or a message on viber or discord. So I can't say that I use too many other apps together with Pomo. I am using it on a Samsung S8, I believe it should not have any problems running few apps at the same time. Also I keep an eye on the timer in the notification bar, from there I can see that it works well, and the sound notifications are working as expected.

One more thing. I found out that the long break works after 4 pomos in my case. But it does not take in account the fact that three of them were from one task, and the 4th pomo was from another task. It would be nice if long breaks will work based on pomos on a single task. So let's say I've set to work on a task for 4 pomos, here I take long break. On the next task I work only for 2 pomos, and the upcoming task again 4 pomos. I dont want to take the long break after second pomo on my third task, but after the 4th pomo. Sorry, english is not my native but I hope u understood what I mean.

My App version is 5110

Thank you
Same thing today. I entered the task, from the top right menu opened Pomo Timer. There I have Estimated Pomo = 4. Just pressed Start button. Worked 4 pomos on this task with auto breaks and start of the next pomo. But still, it does not shows 4/4 when I have spent 1.9 hours, take a look at the screenshot.


On the other hand, if I check statistics, it counts them correct. Am I doing something wrong or it is now working as intended? :)
Hey there,

Could you plz tell us the app version number? We will pass your issue to the dev team and look into it asap.
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