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High CPU usage when typing in tasks descriptions, notes or sub tasks
Wherever I start typing anything in Tic-Tic in my Chrome browser, I get 10-15% CPU usage in chrome that did not used to happen (that always sets my fan running due to the load). I also see cursor sluggishness. This all tells me that you have some very poorly-implemented javascript supporting text entry.
Hey Ron,

Have you updated your browser recently? Could you plz try logging in the incognito mode and could you tell us your task number?
Google chrome is latest and greatest -- Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Don't see any difference in the incognito mode. Still same sluggishness / cpu usage.
By task number, do you mean the number of tasks I have? If so, it is 1225, uncompleted. Probably 10x that completed...

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