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No reminder (when iPhone & Watch is not near each other)
Just noticed that I don't get any reminder on my Apple Watch or my iPhone when they are out of reach of each other. Not even my phone had gotten the reminders.... I don't carry around my phone all day, so I want to get reminded on my watch, or when I look at the phone at a later time they show up on the locked screen. But nothing..

(good thing I had not removed my reminder for my medicine in "Reminder app")
Hey there,

Could you plz double-check if the notification and reminder settings are all enabled?
Didn’t my post tell you enough?
Everything worked fine just 1h before this happen. And did a test right after, that worked fine too.
I tested this again. Leaving my iPhone home when I went out for a walk. This time I got on the phone, but not on the watch. (I hope this will change in the future.) So why this happen yesterday, either it was something wrong with your system, or something happen when I tested & turned off ”annoying alert”. I hope it never happens again.
Once again, no reminder when watch and iPhone is far apart!!! And no, I have not changed any settings since the last post. This need to be fixed and fast!!! And a Dev need to respond!
Is someone going to answer on this issue or not?
Hey there,

So sorry for the late reply! This is a quite tricky issue that took longer than expected to fix on our end. We will try to resolve it and keep you informed soon.
Good to hear!
Because right now, I didn’t get any reminder on my watch, even if my phone was in the room next door.. Its a great app, when it works.
Any new updates for this problem yet? Because lately I rarely get any reminder on my Apple Watch even if my phone is in another room. And they are still in range of each other.
Hey there,

The only other ideas we currently have is to check your iCloud settings on the phone and make sure TickTick setting is on. I'm not sure if that would make a difference but it is worth a try.

You can also look around the TickTick settings on the phone and in the watch settings on the phone, you will see a section for reminders. Look at some of your settings and see if anything is incorrect or might help.

If that does not work try erasing and re-pairing with your phone. To do this, on the watch you will go into the settings app(gear wheel) and under General, scroll to the bottom you will see an option to a erase/reset. Then you can pair your watch like you did when you purchased it and set it up.

I hope this works. Take care
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