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Proxy, usage?
Hi, what is proxy in settings and why someone should or shouldn't use? Thanks! (Im writing here because I didnt see anything about proxy in help documentation)
Hey there,

Sorry I am a little confused about your question. Could you be more specific about it?

Btw, could you plz tell us where you are based in?
When you go to Web Tick Tick, and in Security&Privacy settings, there is that proxy options.
Hey there,

This is sort of weird. Are Amazon IP addresses blocked by your country? If so, how does it work when you use a VPN to get past the block.
Amazon is not blocked, I use VPN just for security
Hey there,

Can you get access to the website when the VPN is turned off?
Yes site with, both on and off is accessible. I don't understand why are you asking me this
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