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Tasks are out of sync, wrong date and time on iPad

Just subscribed to premium and ran into this problem.

I've added a daily task "Bathe" at 4.30-5.00am every mon-sat.
In web apps thing works correctly, however on my iPad it show "Bathe" on Mon-Wed and Fri-Sun.
That's very weird bug. The problem persist even deleted the task and create a new one.

Working on iPad 2018 with iOS 12.1.4

Hey there,

Could you plz tell us in which platform did you create the task? Does the issue only happen in your iPad?
Yes, I create the task on iPad and even task create on web app also show the same error. The app is severly broken.
- Repeat every workday(mon-fri) is not working, got to use custom and manually select and then the alarm also happen on saturday too after a day past :(
- Calendar on iPad app is randomly mix up sat-sun with wed-thursday
- when change tasks to repeat setting, no repeat happen most of the time

Developers need to get iPad and play around, it’s almost unusable at the moment. So many things are broken..

The repeat is severely broken. I’ve spend a day trying to get it to works. For example:
I’ve set up cleaning time to be repeat on saturday 7-8am and it schedule correctly for this month, then it randomly shift to tuesday on August, then friday on september.

No reliable way to get it to works now .. quite surprising.

Your team are allowed to take a look at my schedule, check weekly/monthly schedule, to see what is happening now.

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