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Not syncing across platforms
Hey — I just noticed that TickTick isn’t syncing across platforms. I enter new tasks in a browser at work, but they don’t show up on my iPhone. I have sunk and refreshed the desktop, as well as the iPhone. This has been happening for at least two or three days now. What’s going on?
Ditto here. Started using the app on the Mac today, installed on the iPhone, subscribed to Premium, and it is not syncing to the iPhone at all. Seeing stuff as it was hours ago on the Mac. Background App Refresh and Cellular Data are enabled in settings.
Hey guys,

There sometimes exists syncing delay for certain interactions you made in one device.
May take a little bit longer time to sync completely. Sorry about that.

Could you plz try manually refreshing it?
Understood. Fwiw, still hasn’t synced as of this afternoon.

How can I manually refresh? Dragging down on the iPhone doesn’t seem to refresh anything.

Thanks much.
Hey Doug,

Yeah, you can enter the page you create the task in and drag down on the phone to refresh it.
FYI, it seems to be working properly for me now. Tasks are now immediately syncing from desktop browser to iOS. Thank you.
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