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Tag "8876," cannot be deleted
Hello TickTick,

I accidently created a tag which is named: "8876,". This tag however cannot be deleted anymore. In the web interface, I can select the "..." and select 'Delete', however the tag is NOT deleted.

I can imagine that it is not being deleted because it is a number+comma combination. Can you fix this problem?

Thanks in advance, and with best regards,

Hey John,

Sorry we cannot reproduce this issue in our end. It may help to sign out and in to see if that helps.
Hi Carol,

I do not understand that you are not able to reproduce this problem.
I just created a new tag: "1234,", and once it is created, I can delete it, but it re-appears again automatically.

PS.: Signing off and logging on again doesn't resolve this problem.

Hey John,

Sorry for not putting it clearly, we just create a new tag as you did and it won't re-appear again in our end. That is what I mean by not being able to reproduce the problem.

Could you plz provide us your app version number? Btw, if you use it in the web app, could you plz try it in the incognito mode?
Hi Carol,

I'm using the Web app in Chrome version 75.0 (This is the 'Web' segment of the help Center!)

I also tried it in Incognito mode:
1. log in
2. switch to the 'Tags' panel in the left-side bar
3. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Add Tags'
4. Type the name: 3456, (The Comma at the end is important!!)
5. Click Save
6. A new Tag is now shown on the top of the 'Tags' list.
7. Hover over the new tag, and click on the '...' after the name of the tag
8. Select Delete, and click on Delete again
9. The tag is not deleted, or it is removed from the list of tags but reappears automatically after a few seconds after the synch to the TickTick serves is completed.

Can you confirm that with the above steps, you are able to reproduce the problem?
Hey John,

Thanks for the detailed steps. We just tried as the above steps you show us, but the tag can be successfully deleted even after the sync to the TickTick serves is completed.

We have passed this issue to the web dev team and they will look into it asap.
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