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Shortcut CMD+D doens't work anymore after the last update?
Hello! After the last update to version 3.1, the shortcut CMD+D doesn't work anymore in the Mac-App. Is it replaced by another Shortcut? It is not in the Shortcut-list in Preferences. It is also not the and also not Tab+D (which is the shortcut in the webversion).
Hey there,

Could you be more specific about "the shortcut CMD+D doesn't work anymore", does this trigger another page now?
Hello Carol,

No, it just doesn't do anything.
Until the last update you would select a Task, and then press CMD+D to open the "Set Date"-menu. Now this doesn't work anymore.

Do you have a solution for this?
Hey there,

So sorry we just cut off this feature in the last update due to the combining some product factors.
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