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Can't move lists
In web version it is impossible to move lists within a folder
Hey there,

Sorry we cannot reproduce it on our end, could you plz send us a short video?
No, i can't do video. What means you can not reproduce? Can you move lists within folder? Folders itself and lists outside folders are moved well, but not possible to change order of lists inside folder in web version (in desktop version I can)
Hey there,

Sorry not putting it clearly. On our end lists inside folders can be moved well, so we want to look into the issue via the video otherwise it is very difficult to figure it out.
I can't do video. Lists outside folders also can't be moved. Only folders can be moved to change the order between them
Hey there,

Could you open TickTick in the incognito mode and see if the issue can be solved?

Btw, does the issue happen recently or for a long time?

We will note it down and pass it to the devs to look into it.
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