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Switching to Kanban view deleted all unfinished tasks
When I switched to Kanban view in a shared list and then went back to List view all my unfinished tasks in that list have been removed. I can only see finished tasks now.
Hey there!

Are these tasks missing or removed to other lists? Could you plz log into the web app and see if you can find them in the Trash?
Hey Carol, I have found them in the Trash, yay! Thanks for help.

Anyway, it still seems like a bug.

Hey there,

Could you plz clarify the platform and app version number you are using? We will pass it to the devs and they will look into it asap.
It occured on the web.
1 year passed, but the bug on web is still present.
That's frustrating =( It makes me think the app is not reliable.
It's a bad feeling that I cannot trust app.
Hi Artem,

Sorry for the trouble. This issue occurs again on the web app for the releasing of new version. We have already transferred this issue to the devs to look into, and it should be fixed soon.
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