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Not syncing across multiple devices
I have tick tick installed on my phone (Samsung s9), my tablet (Samsung tab s3), my windows laptop and my windows desktop. Completed tasks never sync across devices and I have to manually mark every single task in every device as complete. My devices are always connected to the internet. Is there a way to fix this? I turned off sounds to deal with the alarms, but having to check everything over and over again is a turn down for me.
Happens to me. Did you get an answer from Customer Service?..Well, I just opened my browser, and accessed the website, and it syncs, not only that , it's a better format than the app. I have Android, Samsing 9. The app basically does not sync, but I like the calendar aspect of the app.
This app blows, Its hard to find a task app that syncs and has all the necessary features.
Hey Dante,

Is every task interaction(editing, deleting, creating, setting reminders, marking tasks done) you made in xxx cannot be synced in yyy? Which list is the task belonging to?

Could you plz try manually refreshing it, if it still doesn't work, could you plz login to the web, do some interactions in your phone and see if it syncs normally?

May bother you offer us more detailed information, that would be helpful for us to locate the issue.
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