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Apple Watch complication not working with watchOS 6 and iOS 13
I am running TickTick Premium on my iPhone XS Max which is on iOS 13 and running watchOS 6 on my series 4 Apple Watch however TickTick can’t seem to sync. I’ve tried logging in and out and even reinstalling the app on each device but nothing works. Opening it on the watch, it just gives me the message “relaunch the app on your iPhone and Apple Watch.”
Hey there,

Sorry, currently TickTick is not perfectly configured with iOS13. We will get it done after the public version is released. Stay tuned.
No worries! Thanks for responding!
Tick Tick had been running just fine on my apple watch, until I got a replacement iphone 8. Since then it won't work on the watch. I get the same message as Matthew: “relaunch the app on your iPhone and Apple Watch.” Tried it several times, but all I get is this message.
I am having the same issue. New user (Pro) and installed on my iPhone, works fine. Installed on the Watch, and get the error message Matthew listed above. I force quit the app on the phone and watch and still get the error. I also rebooted my phone and watch, which did not help. I have IOS 13.3.1, and WatchOS 6.1.3. Watch is Series 4.
I just wanted to say that this now works on my Watch. Thanks!
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