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Overdue tasks not showing at top of list
I have overdue tasks to set to show at top of list on my iPhone, and online. The Mac App does not have the option to select how overdue tasks are displayed. I assume this setting is synced from the online/iphone setting. On the Mac app it's not working correctly in Today view and the overdue tasks show at the bottom of the list when the By Time setting is selected. It does work correctly if I view the overdue task in it's nested list or in the ALL view if show overdue task at top of list. So this appears to be a bug with the Mac App.

The iPhone app works correctly and overdue tasks are shown at the top when the By Time setting is selected.

My work around to get all overdue task to display at the top is to use the By Tag setting. I don't use tags but this get the overdue tasks to always show at the top for me.

iPhone 7 Plus IOS 12.3.1 / TickTick v 5.1.10
iMac 2015 5K retina 27" MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 / TickTick v 3.1.00
Hey Casper,

The setting of the overdue tasks in macOS is it will be displayed on the top of the lists when sorting by Time.

But you request has been noted down and we will consider adding this option to Mac.
Okay but what I’m saying is that over due tasks are NOT displaying at the top in TODAY view when sorting by time.
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