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True Black theme on Android needs a little work
When using the "true black" theme in the Android app:

1. Sub-tasks (checklist items) that have been completed are nearly invisible because the text color used is so dark.

2. Colors of labels are muted, and are hard to discern.

3. The small icons indicating if a task is recurring or partially completed are dimmed to the point that they are hard to see.

With the "true black" theme, please lighten the gray used for sub-tasks that have been completed, use normal (not dimmed) colors for tags, and brighten the tiny icons to make them more visible. Thanks!
Hey TickNick,

Thanks so much for your candid reviews, we will pass it to the development team and see if it possible to do some improvements in the future.
You're welcome Carol! Let me know if you need additional feedback.
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