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My notification Icon has constantly said I have 1 new notification for weeks even after I have opened it and looked at them, and now today it is stuck at 5.? 6/24/19
Hey there,

Sorry, I am a little confused about , could you plz explain it further?
The bell at the top of the screen that has a red bubble with a number in it showing that you have new notifications. When you click on it and it opens the list of notifications, then when you close it the red bubble with the number goes away indicating that you have read all your notifications. The red bubble doesnt go away for me it says I have 5 unread notifications even after i have opend and closed my notifications list. The red bubble is always on for me.
Will someone please update me and reply to this issue?
Hey Eric,

Sorry for missing out the last message. Could you send us some screenshots in case we get you wrong. Btw, it may help to remove and reinstall the app.
its not the app its on the web. How do I send a screen shot here?
Can I please get a response here?!

You can send it via with this forum link attached.
thank you.
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