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Repeating tasks keeps adding time to due date
I have a number of repeating tasks which have a due date, but no time. But often, after completion, the next task adds a time to the due date, which wasn't there before. Is there a way to prevent this happening?
Hey there,

We noticed that you mentioned "The next task adds time to the due date", could you plz send us a screenshot of this? That would be more helpful to avoid my getting wrong of you.
Thanks. here's a shot of the 2pm time that was added:
Hey there,

Could you plz clarify the platform and web app version you are using?
Using the Chrome web app on Windows 10.
Any further thoughts?
Hey there,

Sorry for the late reply. Have passed it to the devs and they will look into it asap.
Hey there,

Could you plz go to Settings > General > New Task Default and check if you set a default reminder?
Default reminder is set to "None". I'll try resetting it as well.
These reminders are becoming quite annoying and making me frustrated with what is otherwise a great app. Is there no solution?
Hey there,

If you set the default reminder to "None", this could be a bug. How does it work when switching a browser OR use it in the incognito mode?

We will pass it to the dev team and look into it asap.
I think it worked it out. I had set the default Date reminder to None, but I didn't realise there was another reminder for Time as well. I've set that to None and hope it works.
I think I've discovered the issue. This happens after I travel, when I change my time zone settings. For some reason, it then puts in a reminder to repeating tasks.
Thanks for the updates.
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