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Lost my Premium
Good day. I have a problem. My premium has blacked out. Although he paid for 5 months ahead.

At first I had a device for android and consistently paid a premium monthly. Pomot device appeared on ios, and I was charged for payment for the month 2 times. Thus, the premium is activated until November. But now it is disabled. Please solve the problem.
Hey there,

Sorry I am a little confused about "Pomot device appeared on ios" and you mentioned you were charged for payment for the month 2 times", could you plz clarify where were you charged?

And you mentioned "now it is disabled", do you mean the premium cannot be accessible? Could you plz open TickTick on your Mobile app and do as the followings.
1. Tap your Avatar.
2. Tap "Upgrade to Premium".
3. Scroll down the screen and tap"restore" at the bottom.

Let us know if you have more questions.
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