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App freezes when clicking on "Show Completed"
I have Samsung Galaxy S7 with latest Tick Tick app.
I have a lot of completed tasks.
When I click on "Show Completed" the app tries to show all my completed tasks and freezes, because I have a lot.
In the web site you show only several completed tasks and a "Show More" button.
Could you fix it in the app too?
For example, show top 100 tasks and a "Show More" button that adds more 100 tasks each time.
Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback! I will pass it to the product team and discuss if there could be some adjustments in the future.
Hi. What about it?
Hi. What about that bug?
Can you fix it please?
Hey there,

We have been working on eliminating the lagging when users have lots of completed tasks. May not realize in a very short period.
Thank you.
Any news?
How to delete all the completed tasks? if that is what he causing the lag I would like to know how to delete them.
Hey there,

Currently no one-click delete option yet. Could you please tell us how many completed tasks you have?
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