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Help with voice input
New user trying to get to grips with TickTick, the app worked perfectly to start but now if I try to add a task to a list by voice (pressing and holding plus sign) I get an error message knots immediately stating ‘Failed to add task I didn’t hear what you said’.

I haven’t changed any settings and if I input via the keyboard the microphone/dictation button works, it’s just the shortcut plus sign that doesn’t. No other problems with any speech recognition on any other apps.
Hey there,

So sorry for the trouble! Have found some other users are experiencing the same issue, to quickly locate the issue, could you plz tell us your location, phone language setting, and TickTick voice parsing language?


Location is UK, languages set to English on phone and TickTick

Hey Bunbury,

Thanks so much for the info. Have passed them to the dev team and they will look into it asap.
I just came across this thread, and the same thing has happened to me. I press the "plus" sign, then hold the microphone symbol down. It says "preparing" and before I can say anything it gives me the "failed" message.

I haven't changed any settings and I am UK based as well.
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